About us

Serban Nistor – guitar/backing vocal
Alexandru “Sardonicus” Duciag- bass
Vlad Nesteriuc – guitar
Catalin Dragos – vocal
Cosmin Manolache – drums

(ex-members: Leo Melisch drums, Dan Chirap bass, Codrut Mareci drums, Dan Crihan bass)


  • 1991 – MD formed with Leo on drums, Vlad guitar and Clepi vocal, starts rehearsals, and 6 songs are issued;
  • 1992 – MD makes some local concerts;
  • 1993 – The earliest concerts take place at national festivals (earned awards at ‘Top t ’93 Buzau’ and ‘Metalfan ’93 Bucuresti’ for the most brutal vocal, best entry and best drummer);
    In the beginning of the year first Demo “Another Hell” was released;
    Later, the same year, Dan Chirap joined to the lineup on bass guitar;
  • 1994 – Playing as headliner in many national festivals (Buzau, Bacau, Piatra Neamt, Bucuresti, Fagaras, Suceava, Falticeni etc);
    Second Demo “Unholy Doom Creation” was released;
  • 1995 – MD continues having live performance but later that year MD disbands; Vlad and Leo joined other bands.
  • 2015 – 25th November ‘Another Hell‘ is remastered and it is posted on SoundCloud;
    Former group members start planning MD rebirth;
    In December we made some rehearsals;
  • 2016 – In the beginning of the year (9th Jan), first REAL rehearsal takes place in Suceava with old members and new guitarist Nistor;
  • 2016 – New drummer Codrut and bassist Dan Crihan joined the band;
    Later, new drummer Manole joined, 6 old songs and a new one were made;
    In this lineup, Vlad, Clepi, Nistor, Dan Crihan and Manole we had the first live after 20 years on 25th of December, opening for Bucovina in 31 Motor’s Club Suceava.
  • 2017 April – we start recording sessions for the album
  • 2017 July – Dan Crihan left us and new member joined Alexandru “Sardonicus” Duciag as bass player
  • 2017 August 13th – first preview of new AH song released on website and Facebook
  • On 25th of November we will have our 10th Concert after re-birth
  • 2018 January 14th – EP released, 5 tracks on Bandcamp and all digital platforms (Amazon, Apple Music, MediaNet, Deezer, Google Play/Youtube, ClaroMusica, iTunes, Pandora, Saavn, Spotify, Tidaal)
  • 14-17 Feb 2018 – Live session recorded – 11 tracks